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About us

In the world of design, there is hardly anything more exciting than the combination of additive technologies and traditional craftsmanship. The designer duo AdditiveCeramics, works with a variety of different printers that are modified and further developed depending on the intended application. In this way, they push the boundaries of what is possible with this innovative technology. They create unique tableware and furnishings that meet both functional and aesthetic demands. Particularly exciting is the way the designers combine the precision of digital fabrication with the artistry of classic ceramics. Rather than relying solely on software and algorithms, they take a pragmatic approach, using their skills and expertise to manipulate the natural material and bring their creations to life. The result is a collection of unique objects. Each piece reflects the individuality and creative origins of the designers. From richly detailed cups to minimalist vases, each object is a testament to the endless possibilities of this exciting technology. Of particular importance to the designers is establishing 3D printing as a new process without competing with classic pottery. Each object must meet the requirement of not being able to be produced in the classic way, or as they say themselves: "We don't print for the sake of printing. We are looking for new approaches."



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